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Come step into the trees at the beautiful "Be Well - Health and Wellness Center and Studio", located ten minutes north of Courtenay, and twenty minutes south of Campbell River. We are deeply invested in supporting our clients to achieve and maintain optimum health offering Massage Therapy, Manual Osteopathy and Hypnotherapy. Come join us in our wellness room before or after treatment for stretching, educating or simply decompressing from your busy life.


All of you is welcome here. 



Massage & Osteopathic Therapy

Madeleine’s goal and priority as a practitioner is to support her clients in creating vibrant and healthy lives. She approaches wellness with the whole person in mind, tailoring her treatment techniques in a way that creates safety and security to the mind and body. She infuses both her life and work with her unique energy and enthusiasm, while supporting her patients to achieve their health goals in ways that are empowering, effective and sustainable. 

Holding diplomas in both Manual Osteopathic Therapy and Massage Therapy her treatments are a unique blend of both modalities. Massage, which focuses on the soft tissue health, pain pattern disruption and deep relaxation and Osteopathy which focus on alignment, fluid dynamic, cranial rhythms, visceral manipulation and deep listening to the body. Her style focuses on structure from the core out and bringing the body back into ease. Using postural assessment, range of motion re-education and a focus on treating each layer of the body to facilitate lasting change. She is a licensed reiki practitioner and has training in medical qigong, ancient chinese medicine, blending all her skills into powerful experiences for her clients.  Madeleine is currently studying to be a health coach and educator. This training is deepening her knowledge and understanding of holistic health care with a deep dive into epigenetics and how our lifestyle, food, exercise, sleep and thoughts create the outcomes we experience.  She is constantly learning and bringing new awareness to the treatment room and her clients. Her biggest goal is you feeling like you have a teammate in your personal wellness journey.



Treatment with Madeleine Windfeld

Massage  ~ Osteopathic Therapy

30 minutes - $75

45 minutes - $100

60 minutes - $130

75 minutes - $155

90 minutes - $180

Direct Billing is available for most plans


Clinical Hypnotherapy

As a hypnotherapist Rose helps ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems. She uses specifically targeted techniques via the use of hypnosis. Her sessions are set up for the healing of body, mind, and soul, and she does this by guiding her clients to connect, and dialogue directly from within their subconscious mind, where all change and transformation can happen. Acting as a guide and coach she works directly with your presenting issues while directing her attention on the specifics of what needs to be addressed for lasting change to happen. The core foundation she uses is built on fostering and drawing upon your authenticity, sincerity, and integrity… ‘this is a journey back home to you, where you are inherently whole no matter what is happening now or has happened to you in the past’.

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The subconscious mind is where the brain records all experiences gathered through our five sensory organs – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. It is also where our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, and our autopilot programs are produced based on our recorded and stored information. These inner patterns play out as our internal rules, limits and boundaries and they automatically re-enact themselves as in a constant loop without our knowledge, volition, or understanding. Our thoughts and memories are not unlike an old fashioned record player with the needle stuck in one groove with the same message playing over, and over again. These messages ultimately can have a positive or a negative effect on our behaviour and the quality of our lives. In order to heal ourselves, we must address what is stored within the subconscious mind where the root cause of all our issues is known and filed away. Albeit often deeply buried below our conscious awareness, therefore not accessible to our conscious mind. Rose’s therapy aims to systematically identify the foundation that holds in place your negative messages and limiting beliefs and to systematically release, change or restructure them, so as to give you more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. Whether you personally are looking for self-improvement and growth or contending with a present crisis or even addressing long-term stressors that have taken a toll on your life, you will find that working with the subconscious mind is transformative work that will change how you view and experience your life. Rose is accredited by ARCH Canada - Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists, As a Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist, she is also a member of FACTBC (Federation of Associations of Counseling Therapists-BC),


Treatment with Rose Windfeld


Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist

 First Visit - 90 minutes - $180

Ongoing Treatment - 60 minutes - $120

Ongoing Treatment - 90 minutes - $180


For more information you can find Rose's website at


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Who would have thought that right shoulder pain can be from a dysfunctional liver? The education I have received about how my body is interwoven and connected has been life changing. We have resolved my 7 year long chronic shoulder pain by correcting my alignment and treating my liver. Madeleine has so much knowledge about how lifestyle choices affect the body and I am working on my nutrition and toxin load now. If you are looking for a holistic approach and a great time I strongly suggest working with her!

- Casey


After years of continual daily hip pain, trying many different types of treatments, trying to avoid surgery, and trying to adjust to an active lifestyle in spite of the pain, I decided to try a natural treatment and went to see Madeleine.  She listened and was very thorough in her assessment and in the treatment she provided.  The  results from being in her care have been long-lasting and life changing.  I am again able to do all the activities I love without the pain.  I highly recommend Madeleine!

- Charlene

After seeing many practitioners to deal with my neurological pain and rehab I have finally found my person. Madeleine not only put my body back together but everything time I see her I am excited to talk all things wellness and get inspired about my routine and habits. She is a true mind body spirit practitioner and I feel so met every time I see her.  She's the Witch Doctor!

- Rob


Contact Me

250-207-5437    |

7413 N Island Highway, Black Creek, BC, V9J 1G2

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Green Forest

Driving Directions:

From Courtenay - Drive 10 Minutes North on Highway 19A, turn Left onto Hillview Road

From Campbell River - Drive 20 minutes South oh Highway 19A, turn Right onto Hillview Road


Turn Left immediately to head South alongside the highway on Paddy Road.

The studio is located at driveway 3-7413 N Island Hwy with signs at the entry and for parking

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